SGB-Premium 25kg liner
SGB-25kg liner inside outer bag
SGB-25kg liner inside jute bags
Zip slider to close liner
Instructions for use of SGB-25kg
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SGB-Premium 25KG Zip

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GrainPro SuperGrainbag-Premium 25RZ is a water resistant and gastight storage solution for a vast range of dry agricultural commodities. It is used as an inner liner for jute and polypropylene bags. The SGB-25RZ is made of multilayer plastic with a proprietary barrier layer. It has a two-track zipper and is sealed using a zipper slider. It can store commodities for prolonged periods without the risk of moisture ingress, pest infestation and fungal growth. It preserves quality and germination capacity of stored grains and seeds and is over 500 times more airtight than polyethylene bags.

  • Hermetic, gas tight storage for dry grains, beans, seeds, spices, etc.
  • Organic certified, eco-friendly, reusable
  • No need to use pesticides or refrigeration
  • Capacity 25 kg / 55 pounds based on coffee beans
  • 20 x 31 inches (50 x 80 cm)
  • Zipper closure