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GrainPro Cocoon Indoor Small

GrainPro Cocoon Indoor Small

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The GrainPro Cocoon Indoor is a lightweight and affordable Ultra-Hermetic storage unit with fumigation features for indoor conditions.   It is designed to preserve and protect dry agricultural commodities stored in a warehouse. It comes in various sizes to effectively store different amounts of commodities in bags, big bags or boxes. The Cocoon Indoor is also ideal for CO2 fumigation, having the opportunity to protect your organic commodity.

 It is designed for one-time use but can be reused as long as the plastic material remains undamaged. Made with lightweight materials, the GrainPro Cocoon Indoor acts like a large pouch, wherein commodities stored in boxes, bags or big bags are loaded through the top opening and sealed using the airtight zipper.

  • 8.2' by 8.2' and 4' high (4 MT capacity)
  • Easy to use.
  • An ideal fumigation chamber for infested crops.
  • Preserves the quality (aroma, freshness, color, etc.) of the stored products.
  • Ideal for organic fumigation using CO2
  • Ensure safe storage of goods inside warehouse.
  • Applicable for commodities in Big Bags, but also for smaller bags with or without pallets.
  • Minimizes condensation, inhibits/control mold growth, and infestation