GrainPro Ultra Hermetic Storage and Transport

Quality Preservation of Dry Agricultural Commodities

About GrainPro

Food Quality & Quantity

GrainPro products help reduce food losses and improve food quality by protecting agricultural commodities against insect infestation, mold growth, oxidation, and rancidity.

Food Safety & Public Health

GrainPro products contribute to the improvement of public health by preventing the growth of fungal contaminants in stored dry agricultural commodities and the resulting aflatoxins and ochratoxins.

Quality of Life

GrainPro products help improve the quality of life for farmers and their families by protecting their commodities against food losses and by enabling them to actively manage market dynamics (supply and demand).


GrainPro products are fit for storing and transporting organic products and do not require the use of chemical insecticides. The gas barriers of all GrainPro storage products enable the quality preservation of stored dry organic commodities.

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