GrainPro Cocoon Indoor

GrainPro Cocoon Indoor

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The GrainPro Cocoon Indoor is a low-cost alternative that has all the gastight advantages of the Cocoon. It is designed for one time use, but can be reused as long as the plastic material remains undamaged.

  • Extra Small Cocoon is 3.9' x 2.6' x 3.9'
  • Small Cocoon is 8.2' x 8.2' x 4' 
  • Medium Cocoon is 8.2' x 7.5' x 7.5' 
  • Large Cocoon is 10.5' x 16.5' x 9.8'

Made with lightweight materials, the GrainPro Cocoon Indoor acts like a large pouch, wherein commodities stored in boxes, bags or big bags are loaded through the top opening and sealed using the airtight zipper.

Light as well as easy to handle and operate, the airtight features of the GrainPro Cocoon Indoor enable it to create and maintain a low O2 / high CO2 environment for extended periods of time. This environment eliminates insects of all stages while preventing the development of aflatoxin-producing molds. Dry agricultural commodities can be stored long-term without the risk of moisture absorption and oxidation. The Cocoon Indoor can be used for flushing with CO2 or even for fumigation with conventional phosphine. A special inlet can be provided for this one.

  • An ideal fumigation chamber for infested crops.
  • Preserves the quality (aroma, freshness, color, etc.) of the stored products.
  • Ideal for organic fumigation using CO2
  • Ensure safe storage of goods inside warehouse.
  • Applicable for commodities in Big Bags, but also for smaller bags with or without pallets.
  • Minimizes condensation, inhibits/control mold growth, and infestation

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