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TranSafeliner for 20 foot Shipping Container

TranSafeliner for 20 foot Shipping Container

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The TranSafeliners will be back in stock in May. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The GrainPro TranSafeliner™ (TSL) is a specially designed Ultra Hermetic™ liner for shipping containers to protect and preserve agricultural commodities while in transit.

Quantity and quality preservation:
Made of Ultra Hermetic multi-layer film with superior gas and moisture barrier properties to restrict the entry of moist ambient air resulting in minimum condensation, inhibiting mold growth and controlling infestation, hence, preserving the quality and minimizing post-harvest losses of the dry agricultural commodities in transit or in storage.

Designed to enclose commodities in a gastight and watertight environment to prevent contamination and proliferation of insects and molds, and achieve safe storage without using toxic and harmful chemical fumigants.

  • 28.7 feet long and 16.4 feet high (8.75 x 5 m)
  • Thickness is 100 microns