FIBC Hermetic Pouch
Warehouse with nuts stored in FIBC Hermetic Pouches
FIBC Pouch 2 being loaded with a forklift
Container loaded with FIBC bags sealed in GrainPro Pouches

FIBC Hermetic Pouch

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The GrainPro FIBC Hermetic Pouch is an innovative solution that helps protect commodities while in warehouses or shipping. This outer cover for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC; also known as big bags or tote bags) is made of hermetic lightweight polyethylene (PE).  The outer cover allows ease of mechanical operations when using forklifts.

Designed to enclose commodities in an airtight and watertight environment to prevent contamination and proliferation of insects and molds, and achieve safe storage without using toxic and harmful chemical fumigants.

  • Two sizes: 1 FIBC (45x45x43") and 2 FIBC stacked (45x45x87")
  • Sealed with 2-track zipper
  • Thickness is 100 microns
  • Fumigation port for organic pest control
  • Sold in boxes of 5 FIBC Pouches. (Please contact us directly for exceptions)